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Expert Vibro

Expert Vibro

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Product Description

Expert Vibro is the device for acquiring transient signals and vibrations. The latest processor technology, based on powerful FPGAs, enables 4, 8, 12 or 16 synchronous channels to be processed at sampling rates to 50 kHz per channel while requiring minimal space. 24-Bit A/D converters ensure high precision.
Vibration measurement – Compact, intelligent and fast
With its Expert Vibro device, Delphin have successfully combined the processing of complex functions with high levels of flexibility in a user-friendly system. Vibration measurement systems can now be used where they had previously been economically infeasible. The device is equipped with a high powered, dual core FPGA processor based on ARM technology giving users ample reserves of processing power.

Users are able to switch between voltage measurement, IEPE or shaft vibration sensors. Integrated comparators and digital inputs allow flexible triggering. Measurement data is monitored "on the fly" with digital outputs being switched within mili-seconds in the event of limit value violations.

Vibrations deliver information on the condition of bearings, shafts and machinery and generally have a major effect on levels of quality in production processes. They should therefore be continuously acquired, intelligently evaluated and condensed into meaningful data for monitoring. In critical situations, machinery needs to be shut down within milliseconds.

Expert Vibro combines the requirements and functioning of modern vibration measurement systems into a highly compact device. Other systems usually require multiple equipment. Vibration measurement is made easy with Expert Vibro. System installation and familiarization are short so that users can quickly start processing their data.

Expert Vibro provides users with analysis and monitoring functions, intelligent signal processing, an independent data storage capability and versatile fieldbus connections – all in a single device. Right from the outset, users save costs and avoid troublesome interface problems.

Of special benefit is the modular system for signal processing with a range of preprocessing functions. Filters, such as high, low, or band pass with rectifiers, integrators, differentiators or decimators can be selected to make up a preprocessing sequence. Multiple preprocessing sequences are able to run in parallel in order to evaluate an input signal. This gives users an especially high level of flexibility.

Non-periodic signals, such as in fault diagnostics, can be analyzed precisely using Expert Vibro. In continuous sampling mode, even the smallest of irregularities are recorded. Expert Vibro measures, monitors and records fully independently. Expert Vibro is equipped with its own internal data storage capability making it especially reliable and secure.

Product features
• 4, 8, 12, 16 synchronous analog inputs, 50 kHz sampling rate per channel, IEPE, mV, mA sensors selectable via software
• Integrated comparators for KeyPhasor® sensors
• Up to 14 GB data logger memory
• 4 digital inputs for frequency measurement up to 1 MHz
• 4 analog outputs for monitoring
• 8 digital outputs
• Display for reading data on-site
• Pluggable screw terminals, DIN rail-mounting

Applications with Expert Vibro
• Shaft vibration monitoring and analysis
• Machine and housing vibrations
• Combustion chamber vibration monitoring
• Gear box analysis
• Roller bearing monitoring and bearing damage diagnostics
• Mobile vibration measurement
• Air gab monitoring

Monitoring and observation
Expert Vibro is suitable for many different types of application. It has universal sensor inputs which can be switched, via software, to the sensor type required. IEPE accelerometer, speed or vibration sensors are easy to connect.

Any type of voltage or current output sensor may be used – for example, fast pressure sensors for noise measurement/humming in combustion processes. Each input is individually configurable. Velocity and shaft vibration measurement can be performed simultaneously

Bearing vibration
Measurement, recording and monitoring of absolute bearing vibration on machines with roller-bearings, rotating components such as electric motors, pumps etc.
• Evaluation of vibration strength veff according to DIN ISO 10816
• FFT analysis within device / frequency band monitoring
• Bearing damage diagnostics using envelope curve frequency spectrum
• Monitoring of vibration levels
• Process and vibration measurement in a single device
• Modern recording memory in device
• Visualization and analysis in ProfiSignal using time signal diagrams trend, FFT-spectrum, FFT-cascade, orbit and polar diagrams
• Direct calculation of envelope spectrum
Shaft vibration

Measurement, recording and monitoring of the static and dynamic movement of journal-bearings, rotating shafts (fixed bearing housing) on turbines, compressors, boosters, large ventilators, etc.
• Evaluation of peak to peak Spp and maximum deflection Smax according to VDI2059
• Sensor – wire break - monitoring
• Monitoring of static shaft position
• Monitoring of dynamic shaft vibration
• FFT analysis within device / frequency band monitoring
• Speed measurement and triggering via impulse from rotating shaft
• Process and vibration measurement within a single device
• Intelligent recording within device
• Visualization and analysis in ProfiSignal using time signal, trend, FFT spectrum, FFT cascade, and orbit diagrams
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