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West 6700+

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Product Description

West 6700+
West P6700 1/16 Din Limit Alarm Unit
The 6700+ limit controller is a member of the P series family. The instrument provides a latched relay output which is activated when process value either exceeds or falls below the a pre-set limit level, providing a fail-safe cut off which has to then be reset before the process can continue. The LED indication shows when limits have been exceeded and when the relay is latched out.
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West 6100+ Jumperless Configuration,Auto Detected Hardware, Process & Loop Alarms Modbus & ASCII Comms Auto or Manual Tuning, Heat/Cool Operation, Ramping Setpoint, Remote/Dual Setpoint Options, Available in 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 DIN Formats
West 8170+ The new Plus Series VMD Controllers have been specifically designed
for open loop valve motor drive applications and feature the improved
Plus Series interface and greater field flexibility
MLC 9000+ Each Single Loop Module is an independent PID controller. Up to a max of eight Loop Modules can be connected to a single Bus Module. Each Loop Module contains its own PID processor as well as all input and output connections. Mixed installations of Single and Multiple Loop Modules are possible. Each Loop Module can be removed and replaced (Hot Swapped) whilst the process is running.

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