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PID Temperature Controller

KS 94

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Product Description

KS 94
Industrial & process controller
The KS 94 is configurable for ON/OFF control, PID-control and motorized valve control. The output function can be configured for Δ/Y/Off, position control, split-range control, and numerous 3-point combinations of switching/continuous control. Control modes are set-point, set-point/cascade, and programmer,each with the possibility of set-point offset. The effect of offset can be additive (e.g. reduced standby set-point) or as a factor (e.g. O2 correction or split load). Offset can be triggered by an external contact, whereby the value is defined via an analog signal or via an adjustable parameter.
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KS 90-1 The KS 90-1 process controller is suitable for universal, precise, and cost-effective control. The instrument provides simple 2-point (on/off) control, continuous PID control, or 3-point stepping control.
KS 98-1 The KS 98-1 multiloop controller provides advanced functionality to its users. It benefits from having a large number of analog and digital inputs and outputs as standard.The KS 98-1 offers a high resolution LCD display (160 x 80 pixels). Individual plain text lines can be displayed with the current function states. Setpoint, actual values or manipulated variables can be visualised in either bar g...
CAL 9300 • 1 x 4 digit LED display with 2 output LEDs
• Easy-to-use autotuning
• Simple menu-driven configuration
• Single ramp/soak (dwell) program
• IP66 protection
• CALgrafix configuration & datalogging software
CAL MAXVU16 • 18mm upper and 10.2mm lower display digits
• ‘Heat’ only or ‘heat & cool’ strategy
• Selectable indicator mode
• 2 alarms (absolute, deviation, band, loop)
• Latching or non-latching alarm outputs

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