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Burkert-Type 8032

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Product Description

Burkert-Type 8032
Inline Paddle Wheel Flowmeter
This intelligent controller with display is designed for use in clear, neutral or aggressive liquids and specially to switch a valve and to establish a monitoring system or an On/Off control loop. The switching points can be programmed with the 3-key keypad under the display or optionally, for the compact 8032 only, from an external source over a 4-20 mA loop. The compact 8032 is proposed with On/Off output, or with external setpoints and process value outputs. The remote 8032 has a transistor output. The connection to the process in the piping is done with standard INLINE fittings.
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Burkert-Type 8055 The complete full bore magflowmeter Type 8054/8055, which consists of a magnetic sensor fitting Type S054 or S055 connected to an electronics Type SE56 (blind in compact version or with display in compact or remote version), is designed for applications with liquids with a minimum conductivity of 5 μS/cm.
Burkert-Type 8072 • Large graphical display
• Indication, monitoring, transmitting and
On/Off control in one device
• Complete communication due to external
setpoint, process value or AS–interface
• Medium with high viscosity
Burkert-Type 8081 • Ultraschall Durchflussmessgerät nach dem Laufzeitverfahren
• Dynamikbereich  1:250
• Niedriger Druckverlust
• Keine Beruhigungsstrecken im Ein- oder Auslauf erforderlich

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