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Across more convoluted equipment’s like controllers, converters, regulators etc.
most refined measuring and controlling systems, controllers with detailed specifications and intense facts transmission in allocated systems.
great elasticity and vast collection of products - this makes our firm competent to meet the requirements of our customers' in the area of design and production of unique, application-specific equipment.High flexibility and very wide range of products - this is why our company is able to meet all customers' requirements in the area of strategy and invention of exclusive, application-specific equipment.


Strict observance towards standards throughout the project on each step, along with our own measuring and EMC laboratory certifies that all devices and strategies we erected consent to the advance level of general development and describe the highest technical level.
Our developed operations systems performed individually for the functional processors working instantaneously reduces time required to implement new software for advance products and devices we manufacture. The R&D Department keeps on creating complete designs of several devices - It creates simple devices for example, indicators, counters etc.


TECH Automation supply a design, engineering and manufacturing of structures and mechanisms for the automation, process control, machine building and measuring & controlling industries. We benefit our customers with latest innovations in the fields: - Industrial Automation & Control;
- Instrumentation
- Signal Conditioning
- Fluid Control Systems
- IT & Networking
- Design of complete processing equipment and devices for measuring and control systems.
- Training & courses of Customer’s technical staff over latest products


At TECH Automation we have resolute assurance to make sure that our customers get the job at hand done with convenience. Our experienced team enables us to implement wide range of automation solutions for their running industry. We facilitate our end users with precise industrial automation solutions, which they need to lower their investments at the same time providing value products to their customers.
These solutions enables clients to diminish waste, venture capital and manual labour supplies in order to curtail unwanted expenses while growing your business elasticity to run with the changing market trends or buyer demands. Our flexible automation solutions makes possible to systematise expensive physical practice.
Even if you are a manufacturing industry or are involved in food & Beverage, Marine, Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical, Water and waste water treatment plants TECH Automation is experienced in the principles and varying market tendencies, which allows you to position forward in this competitive world. This is our promise that you can put your faith in our products either for technical or instrumentation solutions which can completely transmute your industrial development into highly productive industry.

Procurement Services

Our Procurement Department is linked with organisation’s Finance and IT section. This is most important section of our Supply Chain Management. We register with end user customers to provide procurement services from our range of products.
Responsibility of this department is to fulfil all the purchasing needs of our customers and our company i.e. procuring materials, evaluating prices, maintaining inventory, fastest deliveries, paper work and accounting etc.
As Procurement department plays an important and significant part in an organisation we can call it back bone of the company. This division procure all essential resources required to run day to day engineering products requirements for instrumentation, automation and IT.
This Division arranges, supervises staff, effects and regulates the complete procurement tasks. It makes sure that all applicable procedures and guidelines are monitored effectively and efficiently according to company’s policy, in order to protect customer’s interests and capital investments so that we can provide excellent customer services.

Technical Support

Our principals’ support team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals, including I.S./ATEX specialists. They are strategically appointed on all major industrial locations worldwide. Together with our extensive distributor network they provide local support in all countries where PR is represented. Our dedication to offer outstanding and timely customer support includes.

Our dedication to offer outstanding and timely customer support includes:

  • Fastest Deliveries in Middle East, Gulf, and Asia..
  • Local and personal technical support and guidance.
  • Day-to-day delivery from our warehouses and distribution centers in many countries.
  • Repair without charge during the 5-year guarantee period.
  • Easily accessible documentation.

Our products are individually tested and validated at our lean production facilities in Denmark to exceed the most demanding failure rate assessments. R & D Department

Our R & D department delivers the following design works:

  • Latest and innovative designs of automated instruments comprising specific and modified devices and operations.
  • Structuring and analysing standards of new designed devices.
  • We employ qualified and experienced engineers.