Existence in each and every significant local area Industries of Gulf region by 2018 with extensive selection of automation and control products.
    We are dedicated to offer complete automation and instrumentation solutions for Industries which results in high productivity, high quality, high flexibility, high information accuracy, high safety and low operating cost.
  • What makes us different?

    AUTOMATION: With the help of our dedicated Research & Development team, we remain up to date on the modern innovations in industrialisation and instrumentation technologies. Which enables us to serve with advanced solutions to our clients, containing best components with modified properties and precise equipment’s.

    QUALITY: Our primary goal is to offer the best quality to our customers. We believe that interminable growth can only be accomplished through persistent and incomparable performance. Our proficiency is measured merely by satisfied consumers who frequently pursue us for our excellent automation solutions.

    CONSISTENCY: Consistency is not just a word for us. This is what we carry out at every stage of our journey. This earns the reliance and respect of our associates, suppliers, colleagues and consumers, which is the foundation of our long running business relationships.

    PEOPLE-ORINTED: Our major strength is our people. Their mutual understanding and skills results a productive and efficient working environment, encouraging structural and individual growth. Our objective is to take out the finest in our individuals by providing them continuous trainings and assessments.

    WIN-WIN STRATEGY: Our trust is that success of every organization depends upon the cooperative attainments and profits. Consequently we structured our values in a way that:

    • Our clients can get maximum benefits.
    • Investors can make good profits on their investments.
    • Employees can grow and reach their full potential.
    • Suppliers can enjoy collective incomes
    • We can participate in the expansion of our civilization and protection of surroundings.

  • Competitive Advantage:
  • COMPACT BUSINESS GROUNDS: Tech Automation presents complete solutions built on our wide-ranging experience in projects, implementation, and organization. We continuously strike on our manufacturing awareness, gathered with the help of our primary workforces who have operated for eras with our numerous customers. This results in higher proficiency in supplying our services.

    ENGINEERING ABILITIES: We hire the modern technology and tools in our authentic models and construction, confirming that automatic components come out accurately according to the client’s requirement. This accuracy depends upon advanced mechanism ideas and detecting methods. Moreover, a huge involvement in handling Hygienic Room and ESD necessities.

    QUICK RESPONSE: There is continuous assessments and trainings for our personnel to confirm their quickness in service delivery. Our local existence enables us to reply quickly to the enquiries of our customers.

    ECONOMICAL: The products and services we offers are evaluated reasonably in the international market. In every project we perform viability trainings and technical evaluations to clearly describe the price expectations. In addition to it, we ensure that we supply improved technical support to customers, so that they can get maximum profits out of their investments.