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Product Description

The MultiCon CMC-N16 device has been developed as a universal multichannel controller. To maintain this concept its firmware has been written with a multi-level structure. The device runs under the control of a LINUX operating system keeping all subsystems ready to use and allowing independent and simultaneous operation of many processes (communication, data acquisition, post-processing, visualisation etc.). Such an approach offers great advantages to high level applications, making it flexible and dynamically configurable. Similarly, data structures and streams have been implemented in quite a different way than in most similar devices. The main difference is the concept of using Logical Channels as a bridge: physical inputs and outputs -visualisation and controlling processes. Designers of MultiCon CMC-N16 decided to use such a solution to increase the functionality of the device and make the software almost fully independent from the hardware.
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CMC-N16 As a result of extending the range of functional applications of the MultiCon product line, the CMC-N16 wall mounted model has been designed. The new IP 65 enclosure allows using the device in harsh environments, where safe installation of a typical controller / data recorder in a panel mounted enclosure is impossible. Although the number of available inputs is reduced if compared with the panel m...

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